When we were asked why we do not cover the aurat, most of us will say :

"...we haven't reach 'the call' yet..."
"...we fear that we will do it insincerely...."

It is so sad because we are just making fake excuses to escape from the law and Shari'a of the Lord of Nature.

But aren't we realize that 'the call' has reached thousands of years ago when the Qoran was introduced to the People? Don't we forgotten that the call is meant for EVERYONE? Do we really not hear it or just pretend not to? Or maybe we just don't care?

When we were sick, do we really sincere to take the medicine?? Unless the drug is your favorite food. Of course we feel terrible to take it but for the sake of our health, and because we know it is good, we force ourselves; insincerely to swallow it.

Well, it same goes to sincerity. It will only be born with a compulsion. Try to train ourselves. It is not that I'm saying this because I am already good. It is because I realize that I am a Muslim and were bound to the rules and the law made by the Lord. InsyaAllah Allah will open the way for us. Surah al Ankabut...

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